10 Best Edge up Clippers – Get the Perfect Product!

Best Edge up Clippers

Finding suggestions for the best edge up clippers? We have received lots of requests for this topic. Recently we have made a research on the best edge up trimmers.

We have reviewed all the features, normal problems, necessary features, power, motor specifications, price, and quality. Finally, we have listed out 10 products and this article is all about their reviews. So, keep reading to get the best product.

1. Wahl Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

When it comes to trim your hair or bread with electric trimmers, then you should rely on the most reliable popular brand Wahl. This brand first made their hand-held hair trimmer back then 1919.

From that time, they are improving their products in more innovative and commercial ways. They sell their items at quite affordable prices as well as the highest quality. This cordless hair clipper is model-8148 and red-colored.


• The 5-star magic cordless clip is 6.25″ long.

• The trimmer weight is 10 ounces.

• It has an adjustable 5-star cord that can be removable.

• This trimmer has a Lithium-ion battery that can give service 90+ minutes with just one charge.

• The power frequency is 120 Volt- 60 Hertz.

  • Very heavy-duty clipper.
  • Zero overlap blades.
  • Don’t keep the clipper in water.

2. Wahl Stainless Steel Bread and Nose Trimmer

Here comes another beautiful grooming kit for men from the brand Wahl. This trimmer’s model is 9818. It serves great with an advanced Lithium-ion battery and its innovative improved design.

Worldwide men love this trimmer for its high technical performance. With a charge of 60 seconds, you can get full 3 minutes service. It has 12 different attachment guards from 1/16″-1″. The smart LED blue light indicates when the charge continues and when it’s done.


• The trimmer is proudly made in the USA.

• This is a cordless Lithium-ion battery trimmer with 110 Volt and international 220 Volt.

• With a full charge, it will provide 4 hours+ services.

• The trimmer’s blade type is extreme precision T-blade.

• It has 12 different attachment guards.

  • Comes with an instruction manual in English and Spanish language.
  • It has a storage pouch.
  • For dry use only.

3. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Bread Trimmer

Professional barbers’ recommend product is this one from the Andis. With its powerful long-lasting batteries and sharp teeth, this trimmer gives fine cut lines and designs. The cord is 8 feet long which helps to work with the cord without any problem.

The magnetic motor gives very long-lasting service with one full charge. The t-blade is perfect for fading style or outlining neck, beard, and mustache. It fits very well in your hand.


• The motor is super speedy and magnetic.

• It gives fine outlining, shaving, and fading styling.

• It has T-blade which is zero gapped.

• You can also use the trimmer to trim the fur of your pets.

• The item is proudly made in the US.

  • A big cord with hanger loop.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Only for dry use.

4. Wahl #8051 Professional Razor

Another magnificent commercial graded electric razor from the Wahl. It is a 5-star razor edger that gives fine close cuts like razors. It included all the necessary items you need.

It should be mentioned that this razor is not a face razor. You only can trim your hairline and long bread with this trimmer. The long 8foot cord helps to work with it.


• The size of this hair trimmer is 6.25″ long.

• It weighs 9.3 oz.

• The power range of this trimmer is 120 volt-60 hertz.

• This trimmer has quite powerful electromagnetic motor.

• The trimmer has 1060-600 blades.

  • It comes with all the necessary tools.
  • Very sharp blades.
  • Oil the oil blades before using.

5. OSTER Fast Feed Motor Clipper

Most of the trimmer makes very annoying sounds while using. Oster is a very famous brand in the world of electronic trimmers. They made this product with a whisper Quite a pivot motor to control the sound.

The design of this trimmer is very useful and impressive. You can use this hair trimmer for a long time with a powerful durable battery. With one charge it serves for a very long time.


• The design of this trimmer is very productive.

• It has Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor to control the irritating sound while using it.

• The adjustable blade size is 001-1.

• The power cod is 8foot.

• This trimmer has 4 guide combs.

  • Low sound.
  • Ergonomic sound.
  • Low power range.

6. Oster Classic Universal Motor Clipper

This one is one of the best creations of the brand Oster. This brand is making hair trimmer for over 120 years. With those years of productive experience, they made this model 76076010.

The trimmer has a very classic design with brown color. It is highly suggested by barbers for its good features. This trimmer can be fitted well in any hand. The most important fact is, the motor is universal.


• The dimension of this trimmer is 7.5″ in length.

• There are two blades included in this trimmer(#000 & #1)

• The power cod is 9foot long.

• Motor of this clipper is single speeder and universal.

• It can cut all kinds of hairline and serves all day long.

  • Extremely good performance.
  • Includes all necessary tools.
  • Not for facial use.

7. Wahl T-Style Corded Bread Trimmer

In this quarantine, it is very hard to visit a barber’s shop each week for bread or hair trimming. So, why not buy a product which will serve you all in one package? Try the model 9686-300 of the Wahl brand.

With this trimmer, you can trim your hair, bread, mustache, ear, nose, body, brow, or even stubble. The easy sharp T blades help to give a precise cut and touch up. You will get a professional style of shaving or trimming at home.


• The blades of this trimmer are zero overlapped.

• It has 12 different guard blades from 1/8″-1″.

• It gives fine shaving without creating any bumps.

• Only 0.2mm sized blades give excellent outlines.

• The motor is very powerful and rotary.

  • Void of any bumps.
  • Ideal for dry shaving.
  • Keep it far from water.

8. Panasonic Multigroom Trimmer

With most of the positive feedback and praise from customers, this trimmer is all-in-one. Panasonic brand made many electronic items which are undoubtedly splendid. So, why not try this item once?

This model ER-GB80-S cord or cordless trimmer trims your hair, bread, and body. It has quite sharp hypoallergenic blades that cut hair quickly and effortlessly.


• This adjustable trimmer has 39 different settings.

• Three different combs are attached for facial, hair, and body grooming.

• It has 45° angle blades for extremely good finishing.

• The stainless steel blades don’t affect sensitive skin.

• You can use the trimmer cord or cordless.

  • Useful settings.
  • Washable one.
  • Need a bit long time to get fully charged.

9. Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Time for another best edge up clippers manufactured by Wahl. This clipper is designed especially for the professional and delivers quick, smooth, and precise performance. The clipper is 6.25 inches long.

It features a v5000 electromagnetic motor. This motor makes it ultra-powerful and lets it run faster and smoother than the normal clippers. For cutting, fading, blending, and tapering, this clipper is perfect.

You will miss nothing in this package. It arrives with 8 attachment guides, a cleaning brush, comb, blade oil, red blade guard, and a manual. Considering all the features, the clipper must be a good choice for the experts.


• Powered V5000 electromagnetic motor.

• Especially for the experts.

• Only 1 pound.

• Include chemical resistant power cord (8 foot)

• Proper guide for operating with ease.

  • Comes with necessary accessories.
  • Easy to use.
  • The product may not look 100% the same as the product image.

10. Andis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

We are at the end of the product list and the last one is from Andis. The clipper is intended for smooth all-around tapering and cutting. It also comes with an adjustable blade. Another great advantage is one hand on/off the system. Mainly there is a thumb control switch on the size for ensuring this system.

The product is made of high-quality carbon steel and equipped with a 15-watt magnetic motor for smooth and speedy performance. The motor can generate 14000 cutting strokes per minute. Using this durable and smooth clipper you will never look back to other products.


• Blade size is adjustable (from 000-1)

• Available in corded and cordless.

• Durable carbon steel construction and aluminum housing.

• Electromagnetic 15 watt motor.

• Compatible with thumb control side switch.

• Maximum stroke per minute 14000.


• Must read the instructions paper before using the machine.

Buying Guide For Best Edge Up Clippers

Now, I will discuss a part that must help you in getting the best quality edge up clippers.

Different cutting length

The best liner clippers come with enough cutting lengths for providing your desired lining. For utilizing different lengths some clippers come with knobs and some come with taper levelers. The most popular taper leveler length is .5 to 2.4mm.

Strong handle

The next thing to look for a durable and strong handle with a firm grip. Make sure it won’t slip from the hand or get oily soon.

For getting more traction a rubber handle is beneficial. Some clippers are designed with curved bodies. Such clippers provide a better grip. So, consider such facts.

Powerful motor

The motor of the machine has a good impact. The motor speed can affect your trimming. If the motor gets slower then you may lose the flow and the trimming may occur.

There are mainly two types of motors; electromagnetic and pivot. Electromagnetic motors run very fast and keep the flow perfect. Pivot motors are slightly slow but more powerful. Such motors are good for wet and thick hair.

Sharp blade

The blades of the machine must be sturdy and sharp. Titanium blades are very popular as they ensure long-lasting service. Steel blades are sharpers but not much popular. Oil the blades for getting the best performance.

Vibration-free design

Another important thing is the insulated housing setup. This feature eliminates annoying vibration while trimming. It generally helps to absorb the motion produced by the motor. Unexpected vibration sometimes causes unexpected accidents.


Different edge up clippers comes with different design and functions. The wrong ideas about the product can affect the product or create accidents. So, a manual is necessary for safe use.

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FAQ on the Best Edge up Clippers

What is the safest design for the best liner clippers?

I think the curved body with a sturdy handle is perfect. The handle must be made of rubber for extra grip. The body will be sturdy enough and a good covering for absorbing vibration.

What is the best edge up clippers 2020 brand?

There are different brands for edge up clippers but only a few of them are famous and popular. I generally suggest Andis and Wahl brands. Both of them are highly popular and earned a lot of reputation for providing the best products.

Which is better Andis or Wahl?

Both of them are famous brands. But I think Andis is more durable than Wahl. It doesn’t mean all the products are durable than Wahl. There are variations in the model. It is actually a tough task to choose any of them confidently.

What is the best quality edge up clipper?

I have already discussed the 10 best edge up clippers professionals. All of them are popular and effective. But if you have any specific suggestions then, “Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper” this one is overall great to me. The best product varies with people’s needs.


We are almost at the end of the article. Before ending I will request you to have a look and match the features of different products among them. Also, check out the buyer’s guide for a better selection. Hopefully.m you will be able to find the best edge up clippers from this article.

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