How to get Nappy Hair for Men? 4 Easy Step with Maintenance Tips

How To Get Nappy Hair For Men

Are you craving for getting nappy hair but finding no proper way? I am here to help with your question “How to get nappy hair for men?” I have prepared content on this topic.

I will discuss some processes to get them easily. Worry not all of them are simple and it won’t kill a lot of time. So, further discussing more let’s jump into the main point.

What is Nappy Hair?

When it is nappy hair people rationalize it by black people’s hair. There are many textured hair types like straight, curly, but nappy hair covey a tragic discriminatory history.

The origin of this term was in the 17th century. In America when the first slave ship cast their anchor, then the word was born. The main meaning of ‘Nappy’ is crinkling threads from a piece of fabric.

It is said that British people use the word nappy to mark “Diaper or something dirty”. So, European people used to rationalize African black people with their hair texture by saying this word.

They focused on skin color, height, body structure, and especially on hair to engrave their dominance. That’s why the word ‘nappy’ meant to be offensive and negative.

How to Make Your Hair Nappy Guys?

1. Damp your Hair

You can use volumizing gel to damp your hair. A simple towel wipes the hair and starts from the source where the hair starts. You have to turn in the hair into small size curler from medium size. Till it completely dry it must be parted to insert in the curlers. It may take 2-4 hours.

2. Get off the Curlers

Use light volumizing hair spray to eliminate the curlers. Now flip the hair upside down. Use your thumb to work smoothly on the over-complicated section.

3. Tease the Origin of your Hair

This one is a very simple process. Just take a teasing comb and tease the origin of the hair. It generally takes a couple of minutes. The time depends on the type of your hair.

4. Get a Perfect Cut and Hairdo

Finally, it’s time to get a cool nappy haircut. You will get different types of haircuts on Choose one that goes well with your hair type. Also, choose your hairdo for getting an unlimited nappy look.

How to Manage Nappy Hair?

Managing nappy hair is tougher than getting nappy hair. You have to maintain and avoid several things to hold your happy hair. Here I will discuss the ways to manage nappy hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Use volumizing shampoo at least twice a week. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week. It will keep the hold of your nappy hair.

Dry your Hair using Squeezing Method

It will break all your nappy hair if you randomly dry it vigorously using a rough towel. So, it is better to dry it using the squeezing method.

Get a Hot Oil Treatment

The hot oil treatment is so much helpful to hold moisture in your hair. Nappy hair requires moisture in your hair. I suggest getting a hot oil treatment at least once a month.

Avoid Some Products

You have to use particular products. Never use products that contain ingredients that dry out your hair. Avoid these ingredients – alcohol, isopropyl, PG, etc.

Drink More Water and Eat a Healthy Diet

Drinking more water and eating proper food will keep you healthy as well as your hair. It will always look attractive and remain strong for a long time.

Use Satin Pillowcases

During sleeping, we face hair damage and it mainly occurs due to harsh pillowcases. If you want to avoid it then use satin pillowcases or cover the hair with a satin scarf.


I have already discussed the topic “How to get nappy hair for men?” It is not a complex process. I discussed it in 4 steps and if you maintain it properly then you must be able to get it in a few weeks.

Also readout the nappy hair maintenance part. If you don’t take care of your hair, then you may lose it very soon. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article.

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