How to Straighten Hair without Heat

Heat causes damage to the hair. Hair breakage, frzziness, dullness etc often associated with heat or hot styling products. But you can make you look glamorous with straight hair without damaging your hair.

So, how to straighten hair without heat? You will get to know about experts solution in this content. Find it out!!

How to Straighten Hair without Heat?

To straight hair, heat is not essential. Without heat we can style our hair. Experts reveals the truth of making your hair sleek. 

Though these techniques are not permanent, you may give a try. These will provide you with temporary solution.

Use of Hair Smoothing & Straightening Products

A proper hair care routine is a must. Recheck your beauty products that you are using right now whether they help in straightening and smoothing your hair. 

You should avoid chemical based shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulphates and parabens. These chemicals causes severe damage to hair in long run. 

Nowadays, many straightening and smoothing shampoos and conditioners are available in market. These shampoos have a great formulation that will help to moisturize your hair to make it look healthier and straight.

These types of products helps to coat the hair shaft and also seal the strand from inside and outside. These shampoos contain heat activated particles like silicon polymers. 

Different heavy duty conditioning agents are also incorporated with these shampoos. Thus they also fight against frizz and provides you with a frizz-free hair. 

These substances create a microfilm around the hair shaft that not only locks the moisture but also helps moisture loss from hair due to surrounding environments. Hairs remain in detangled form due to well lubrication of hairs.

Hair straightening and smoothing products helps to get straighten hair but don’t be mistaken that it will give as the same result as a flat iron. 

Use of Plastic or Jumbo Rollers

With a plastic jumbo roller, a wavy voluminous hair with a shinier look can be achieved. You have to use a larger size roller for this technique. Use rollers of 13/4 or bigger size that will help you to get straightened hair look. 

  • Make small sections of your damp hair
  • According to the width of the roller, roll up your hair
  • Do it before you go to bed or keep them on for couple of hours before you take them out
  • Don’t roll up too much hair on a single roller that may lead to unwanted tangle
  • So create small section and roll up with the rollers
  • Wait to set the rollers on hair
  • Then unrolled the segments of hair and brush
  • It will ensure detangled hair and give a voluminous hair look

Wrap hair up!!

Flat wrapping technique is one of the simplest technique that requires no heat or extra styling products. But you need to know to do it effectively. Simply take some bobby clips of three inches or more and satin hair wrapping scarf. That’s all!

This technique vary according to length and texture. But the main theme is always the same. In Argentina, this process is called “toca”. So what you need to do? Dampen your hair. Make sections out of it and comb properly. 

Expert Grenia says, “Take your damp hair and then comb them in sections. Then wrap flat your hair around the head and then secure your hair with bobby clips. Then wrap a satin scarf around your head” Use of satin scarf will make your hair look frizz-free. 

Wake up the next morning with straightened hair. A satin pillowcase is also recommended to use to reduce friction.

You will have a proper idea, check the following video:

Use Blow Drier with Cold Setting

Use your favorite blow dryer to dry your hair. But use the cold air setting instead of hot air setting. Study shows it causes less damage to your hair rather than hot air dryer. Experts reveals that blow drying with hot air can cause fizziness along with edge curling and hair damage. 

  • Make segments of your hair
  • For each segments use your blow dryer keep on cold setting
  • Make sure you move your dryer from root to tip
  • One more thing, keep the dryer at a distance of six inches from your hair
  • It will not give a straightened look alone, use a straightening serum or leave-in conditioner will help the process a bit.
  • This will help you to give a voluminous straight look.

Soak up Water from Wet Hair with Extra-absorbent Towel

Expert Engelsen says, “Heat free straightening technique works best on hair that is almost straight or have a slight wavy texture”. Hair drying takes a lot of time, right? So, Engelsen advises to use of extra absorbent fabric. 

Extra-absorbent fabric like micro-fiber towel will help to soak up moisture from your hair quickly without damaging your hair. In this way, your hair will not become frizzy.

Hair expert Cristine George recommends t-shirt instead of towel. T-shirts are also acts like good absorbent fabric that can wick out all the moisture from your hair.

While towel drying your hair be gentle on your hair. If you are not gentle enough and rub your hair too roughly, it can make your hair frizzy. 

  • Gently hold the extra-absorbent towel on the tips of your hair
  • Slowly wick up moisture from your hair
  • If your hair is too long, take time and make your hair dry slowly. Don’t rub!! 

Use of Essential oils

Essential oils are good for your hair. Coconut oil, argan oil, macadamia oils are good for hair health. They are used from ancient times in pampering the hair. These oils make hair smoother and shiner.

These oils are penetrated by the hair follicles. They sealed the oils inside the hair shaft that makes them smoother. Apply essential oils on to the scalp followed by hair washing. 

Then you can go for any of the method like jumbo rollers, cold air dry or wrapping up hair. This will add a n extra glow and shine to your hair.

Give Hair Mask a Try

Coconut milk or whole fat milk is very helpful to make your hair straight. Here are some options you can try:

  • Milk and honey mask
  • Mix two tablespoon of regular full fat whole milk and mix it with one tablespoon of honey.
  • Mix them properly in a mixing bowl
  • Now apply the mixture on your hair and leave it on for one hour.
  • Use this mask once or twice a week
  • Coconut milk and egg mask
  • Put coconut milk in a mixing bowl
  • Mix two eggs with it
  • Mix, mix and mix
  • If you want, you can add a banana to it that will make your hair sleek
  • Now soak your hair into the mixture 
  • You can tie up your hair into a bun
  • Then wrap your hair with a shower cap
  • Leave it on for 30 min
  • Then wash it off
  • Coconut milk, honey and lemon juice mask
  • Put two table spoon of coconut milk, two tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice in a mixing bowl
  • Add two tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoon of almond oil in it
  • Mix it properly to make a paste like smoothie
  • Then apply it on the hair and leave it on for 30 min
  • Wash off your hair properly

Brush Hair with Wet Brushes until it becomes dry

Engelsen says, “For fine to medium hair style that straighten easily, brush your wet hair down and pull the hair tight in every few minutes until it dries.” For this give wet brush a go.

Straighten Hair Overnight

Hair can be straighten overnight. There are some following techniques that you can follow:

  • Tie up long hair in different sections
  • Turn your hair into a bun
  • Wrap up damp hair around head until it dries 

The Bottom Line

A straight and gorgeous hair look is not a difficult task nowadays. It is possible without heat. But every ones hair texture is different. So, the above discussed styling method may not work for you but give it a try.

So, you have got your answer to the question “how to straighten hair without heat?” Use any above discussed method for having a shiner and gorgeous straight hair look. 

If it isn’t work for you, then consult your professionals or go to the salon to make your hair look straightened.

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