Is Curly or Straight Hair Dominant? Let’s Know the Facts!

Is Curly Or Straight Hair Dominant

Since ancient times, the functions of a human hair (whether curly or straight hair) have always been approached from the point of view of beauty. The Romans curled it with hot irons, while the Egyptians wore heavy black wigs, traces of a plant called “henna” having been found in the hair of some mummies, with the possibility of having been used as a natural dye or conditioner.

However, we still feel puzzled thinking is curly or straight hair dominant?

To clarify this topic, let’s understand what hair is made of….

Hair is made up of keratin, a water-insoluble fibrous protein. The keratin chains are parallel like the wires of a cable, and are held together by means of chemical bonds, which can be: hydrogen bonds, saline bonds and / or disulfide bonds.

Why Is Curly or Straight Hair Dominant?

The bonds between the sulfur atoms of cysteine ​​(“disulfide bonds”) are strong, they are not broken by the mere presence of water and their location is what determines the natural shape of our hair. 

  • If the disulfide bonds occur between parallel keratin chains, they stay aligned, and we will have straight hair; 
  • If the disulfide bonds occur diagonally, the keratin fibers form a kind of spiral and the hair will be curly. 

The way the sulfur atoms are bonded in keratin is determined by the information contained in our genes.

So, How is Hair Formed?

The hair emerges from microscopic sacs or follicles found in the dermis or inner layer of the skin. Each strand of hair is made up of two concentric sections:

  • The cuticle (outer layer) — It serves as protection and is made up of dead cells that overlap. 
  • The cortex is the inner layer and contains pigments (which give hair its color) and most of the keratin (which gives it its shape).

How Does pH Influence in Determining the Hair Texture and Type?

Another important aspect is the pH value. Hair has its maximum resistance and looks brighter at a pH between 4 and 6, because at these pH values, both the hydrogen bonds and the salt bonds are temporarily broken, but the disulfide bonds remain, keeping the hair cuticle in order. . This allows the light to be reflected evenly and the hair to appear shiny.

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What Shampoo will Suit Your Hair?

The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, in addition to giving shine to the hair, covers its surface or cuticle, preventing the loss of internal moisture. However, excess sebum attracts dust, causing hair to appear dirty and dull. The detergent that a good shampoo contains acts as a cleaning agent and must remove excess fat, leaving just enough so that the hair does not dehydrate. 

When the shampoo is slightly alkaline (pH 8.5), the sulfur bonds can be broken and the outer surface of the hair becomes rough. This prevents the light from being reflected evenly and the hair appears dull. The detergent contained in most of the shampoos leaves the hair slightly alkaline, so the use of rinses and conditioners is recommended.

Whether wavy or straight, the important thing is to always have hair well treated with products according to its particularities. Thus, if your hair is frizzy, and you are looking to take care of it and make it look healthier, you will find what you need to always be beautiful.

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What Do Men Really Think About Women’s Hair? Is Curly or Straight Hair More Common?

Men begin to appreciate the charm of curly hair only as they grow older, as time goes by. With children, it is a real disaster, they see them as something strange and scary and insult the curly girls with the most absurd names; I hated it when a classmate of mine called me bush!

Men are attracted to curly hair …

In the presence of a voluminous curly hair, curiosity is triggered, their eye is undoubtedly captured by this unusual hair. The curly woman is the center of attention in any context, she will be noticed in a pub, in a classroom, on the street.

They go crazy for our tendency to play with our curls wherever we are, in public or private. We don’t even notice it, but they find it incredibly sexy the way we unwittingly run our hands through our hair.

Men seem distracted but they are not at all. Try to introduce yourself with a chipped nail, even the most taciturn will let a look of disappointment leak out. The reality is that they are incredibly fascinated by the care you take for yourself and appreciate well-groomed hair as a symbol of extreme femininity. Therefore, it is difficult that they are not bewitched by your curls which are unbeatable in terms of care!

Being unconventional intrigues, the leonine appearance conveys grit, personality but also aggression.

And if it is true that the personality always pays in life, we cannot say the same for aggression. So in the end, in most cases their preference falls on straight hair because they are more soothing, tidy and elegant in their opinion; Dear men, a woman’s elegance is innate and has to do with her gestures, her smiles, her bearing … not with the fold of her hair!

This preference has its roots in an old culture in which smooth women have always represented the combination of beauty and perfection: the princesses of fairy tales and cartoons, the super top models and the great DIVAs presented themselves with long hair, perhaps even of the color.

Do Men Look at Curls But Choose Straight Ones?

To confirm what I have just told you about men’s preferences regarding women’s hair, a fun experiment by a journalist from the Naturally Curly website thought up. On a site for singles he posted his profile twice and calculated the visits, the e-mails received and the contacts after a month. The only difference between his two profiles? The photo, in one, had curly hair while, in the other, straight.

The result? The straight-haired profile received 1600 visits in one month, compared to 1000 for curls; thanks to the neat look, the smooth received 180 emails, against 60 emails interested in the indomitable hedgehog; from a “flirtatious” point of view, the curly-haired woman received only 60 winks, against 120 for the smooth one.

As I told you, this does not surprise me, it also happened to me, the champion of hedgehogs, that I was told: “You look very good with curls but you know, maybe I prefer smooth” that is a total of 10 days a year against 355 days when curly.

Absolutely no comment!

Do not be discouraged because I assure you that although in less quantity, there are admirers of curly hair. Someone confessed to me that they have a real weakness!

Then I invite you to reflect. What is the thing men love most of all? Break the routine and be surprised by some intriguing change. And this is why they really appreciate it when you suddenly switch from the curly lioness version to the more docile smooth one. And then “you don’t look like you but another person” says a lot. Only you with your hair can afford this luxury, so take advantage of it, play and have some fun confusing them, which in the end is what intrigues them most!

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think — Is Curly or Straight Hair Dominant? How do you want to improve the appearance of your hair? Did you like this discussion? Have you found it useful? Or do you have some questions in mind? Ask us! From Hair Tips Pro, we will be happy to help you. Leave us your opinion and share it on social networks.

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