Why Do Old Women Have Short Hair? Attractive hairstyles for Lady over 50

Why Do Old Women Have Short Hair

Many women cut the length of their hair as they get older. Because saying goodbye to the long hair looks so typical of youth. A theory also confirmed by celebrities, such as Paula Echevarría, who for the first time said goodbye to her long hair a few weeks ago, as well as Charlize Theron, who wears a pixie hair, or Monica Bellucci, who decided a few months ago to say goodbye to her hair XXL. 

So, it’s clear that, as age progresses, women tend to wear shorter hair. But the question is why do old women have short hair? Is it a matter of trend or only for adaptability? And does this only phenomenon create a sense of equality among the famous and anonymous women?

A hair stylist explains about one of the most common reasons when it comes to changing our look – the beginning of a new period. As we are closing stages with age, and a change comes in our life, we usually resort to physical changes to start the new stage as a new experience both physically and psychologically. In addition, after our birthday celebration, we suffer from hair loss and this affects our self-esteem. That is why we accept what our hair is asking us to remain with volume and shine.

Other Reasons Why Do Old Women Have Short Hair? And What leads them to make this decision?

There is a main reason why most women trim their hair after a certain age. Hair, like skin, also ages, thins and weakens. A poor-looking extra long hair is not the best of the companions. Furthermore, long hair is generally associated with a young woman. 

Another reason is the depigmentation of the hair, what we popularly recognize as gray hair. Many women still see gray hair as a synonym for old age and flee from it. Short hair with gray is easier for them to manage and hide. 

On the other hand, hair tends to change its texture, it becomes stiffer, drier… as the hair’s sebaceous gland deteriorates, lubrication decreases and, therefore, the vitality and appearance of the hair does not look young and shiny.

“Every day we see various types of hairs in the salon, but honestly speaking we cannot disregard the difference that is found between the hair of a young person and that of an older woman. Secondly,  we notice a lack in the health of hair, this happens over the years. The hair loses its vitality and the hair fibers become shrunken and gradually weaken, causing it to break easily”, tells Marina Morán, a spanish hair specialist. “It is true that short hair in majority of the women is no longer their only option, now we are betting on middle length hair, bob cuts… they are styles that have a perfect length, easy to handle, versatile and with that effect of freshness that manages to soften the face and subtract years”, she adds.

Around the age of 50, it is time to opt for lengths that do not exceed the shoulders, always adapted to the personality. Midi hair, bob cuts or bobs, or in its longer version, the lob are excellent alternatives. Also, of course, the pixies, for unstructured cuts, look very rejuvenating. They give lightness, freshness and naturalness to the person. 

And don’t forget the bangs either, a great way to shake off years. The only thing is that they are not valid for all types of people. If you have swirls in your hairline or frizzy hair, we do not recommend them because they are difficult to maintain in those cases. They look especially good on oval and angular faces, as they help reduce the dimensions of the face.

Learn which Bangs Can Make You Prettier:

Does the Color Have Influence? 

In general, it should be clearer because that is when our skin begins to show the signs of fine lines and begin to soften with highlights and highlights can be a great success. Playing with lights and shadows today called contouring is a good idea. Regarding the curly hair, most stylists recommend cuts that have to do with straight bases and light and subtle gradients to leave weight on the upper part so as to create beautiful harmonies. Cuts that begin to be worked at shoulder height.

What Age Should You Stop Having Long Hair? 

Things got a bit complicated when ladies started to get gray hair of all kinds at 51, and only on the top of my head, right where they are most seen. This meant that you may say goodbye to traditional highlights and look for other color alternatives.

Also, gray or white hair is more porous and has a thicker consistency than non-gray hair. It partes easily and is difficult to style. Because of this, you also had to find a way to keep it silky.

Cutting the ends every two months can help prevent splitting. When I was younger I could go up to six months without going to the hairdresser. No longer! Also, now I always wear a layered cut to have more volume, something important when the hair becomes thinner over the years.

My personal stylist gave me a solution for hair that is partially gray. It dyes the base of my hair a color similar to my natural tone and makes me faded highlights at the ends. To be perfect, it must be repeated every four to six weeks. The result is very attractive and natural. My intention is to stop dyeing my hair eventually, but only when it is mostly silver. If not, it can be disheveled.

Attractive Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Taking the celebrities in their fifties into consideration, we’ve discovered a few inspiring hairstyles – 

Sharon Stone (born in 1958) prefers shoulder-length blonde hair. Her soft hair color is flattering and seamlessly matches her skin tone. She took the advantage of exposing her modern attitude through the trendy two-tone style. Overall, a casual yet rejuvenating look becomes evident in her dark roots. 

She is also seen adorned in dried hair with a round brush, leaving the ends inward. Beach waves are her another favorite. Also, on various occasions, she came side or middle parting coupled with casual bows.

Meryl Streep (born in 1949) is a master in playing with her style for a rejuvenating look. Mostly, she is found having her half hair combed in a messy way. Then it was pinned back in a charming semi-updo. This shaped hairstyle reinforces her energetic look. To compliment her light skin tone, caramel color accompanies.

Other options Meryl Streep chooses involve casual updos,or  ponytails. Sometime,  her hair is kept down or brushed back – either of them left in a carefree manner (similar to  Sharon Stone).

Annabelle Gurwitch, the American author and comedy actress (born in 1961) sports abundant wavy hair, a little below the shoulders. Brown hair has a beautiful deep shine. Couldn’t have come up with a more enticing look!

The actress also prefers to bring full and semi up with strands of hair (somewhat like bangs) falling from her forehead. The effect simply frames her face.

To Sum Up

Don’t just keep on asking why do old women have short hair? Be yourself. Don’t be too shy, show some skin (neckline and shoulders) and put on makeup. Then style your hair as young and daring as you like.

If you feel more comfortable with a more classic 50-year-old hairstyle, you will also find the most flattering options.

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