Why Does My Hair Grow So Slow? 7 Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Fast!

Why Does My Hair Grow So Slow

We all have a friend who cuts her hair and after two months she already has it around the waist. Why? Why is it so difficult for other mortals to grow our hair? Why does my hair grow so slow?

It is an unsolved mystery!

Although good, the truth is that genetics is much to blame. The rate of hair growth is biologically determined.

It is our genes that dictate how long or thick our hair is. However, there are some treatments and products that can help us increase the diameter of our hair. Caring for and protecting it correctly is essential for your hair to look beautiful and healthy. 

Although all kinds of legends about hair growth circulate on the Internet, such as that if you cut it, it often grows faster, there is no scientific basis on the matter. Yes, it is true, as Wella’s scientific expert María Castán states, that cutting the ends often can help your hair: 

”Freshly cut hair feels thicker, but the reality is that cutting hair does not alter the rate of growth, much less its texture. What is certain is that when the hair is damaged and we have split ends, sometimes they can function as a “middle run” and little by little it ends up going up to the roots and “opening” the hair. If you cut it often we avoid this effect,” he explained. 

Science will give you some tips to change that …

Researchers have found that hair grows faster in the summertime and that people experience rapid hair growth when they eat more fruits and vegetables.

The study published in the International Journal of Dermatology also showed that the hair of people of Asian descent tends to grow faster than people of European or African descent. If a person’s hair is growing rapidly, it could also be related to a number of factors, including a healthy diet.

The fish oil and foods like oysters with lots of folic acid and iron in them can make hair grow quickly a person. The eggs can also help to answer your query of why does my natural hair grow so slow. In fact, many shampoos have biotin, a vitamin found in eggs.

Like fish oil, nuts have a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate hair growth.

On average, human hair grows 15 centimeters per year. When the researchers compared the rate of hair growth among people of different ethnic groups, they found that there is some correlation between ethnicity and the rate of hair growth.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Slow? Is My Fine Hair Responsible? 

We all get that moment in life when we think that our hair has stopped growing. Although in reality, it is nothing more than an impression.

Only disorders or diseases can cause hair to stop growing. If not, the hair always grows. What happens is that you don’t realize it because it grows slower.

Women with thin hair are the ones who most often complain about this problem. Some also notice slow hair growth in child. Fine hair is more sensitive to external changes and that is why women with this type of hair find it more difficult to have long hair. Hair can be damaged as it grows, although it will stay the same length for a while. For it to grow back normally, it will take 3 to 4 times longer than the rest. Also, as it gets more damaged, you will have to cut it more often to make it look healthy. For these reasons, women with fine hair have a more difficult time wear long hair.

We all have an “ideal ”length, which varies from one person to another. Some women get their hair to grow all the way down their back, while others grow no more than the middle of their back. Of course, it is very rare to find hair of more than 80 cm, even in India! And that Hindu girls have very beautiful hair, which grows very quickly.

Our tip: If you think your hair is not growing, consider taking some type of vitamin. For instance, B6 makes hair grow stronger and promotes hair growth. 

Tricks To Make Hair Grow Faster

If you’re trying to grow your hair out but nothing is working, it’s time you changed your tack. Think carefully about how you treat your mane and ask yourself if you are really doing everything right. 

For starters, look at your styling tools: from the combs you use to the products you use to style your hair. Brushes, foams, irons … check that everything is in perfect condition. Clean your tools and limit the use of styling products, since your hair may be suffering from this cause. 

7 Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Fast!

1. Detangle Your Hair Well

Avoid pulling your hair. Start by detangling from the ends, grabbing all your hair with one hand, and slowly combine with the other. Do this with a wide-toothed comb, preferably wooden to avoid static electricity. 

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2. Protect It From Heat

Before you iron or use the tweezers, do not forget to apply a heat protectant to the middle and ends. Abusive use of these tools can weaken your hair, making it more brittle and brittle. That way it will never grow and you will keep on asking why does my hair grow so slow male

3. Take Protein

The growth of your hair is also related to your diet. Add more proteins to your menus such as eggs, nuts, fish … Proteins help to produce amino acids, from which keratin, the main component of hair, is created. The more protein you eat, the more likely your hair will grow faster. And no more asking why does my hair grows so slow black male! 😀 

4. Change Your Shampoo

Check the components of your regular shampoo and check that they do not contain silicones. It is preferable that they do not contain sulfates either since these types of ingredients dry out and break the hair. Also, some can irritate your scalp. 

5. Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons why hair fall. Relax, spend a few minutes of the day disconnecting from everything and not only will you sleep better, but your hair will also grow faster. Exercising and eating a balanced diet will also help you with your goal. 

6. A lot of Vitamins 

Vitamins B and C are the main ones in charge of protecting and developing your hair. Biotin, present in nuts such as hazelnut, or niacin, in seeds and green leafy vegetables, are some of the vitamins that give shine and strengthen your hair. Foods with vitamin C such as kiwi, lemon or broccoli, and spinach prevent hair loss while vitamin E, in avocado, walnuts, or sunflower seeds, produces fresh blood vessels in the head skin and thereby upgrades circulation in that zone. 

7. Hydration

Moisturizing hair is essential for it to grow fast. Apply nourishing oils from medium to ends and gently massage in circles. You can massage your leather hair with castor oil, which helps your hair look fuller and thicker. 

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To Wrap It Up

There are people who see the longest length of their mane every few weeks and others who have the opposite happen: no matter how hard they try, their hair reaches a point where it says that it does not grow anymore. There are three big reasons why you get the impression that your hair grows slower than normal and you start questioning why does my hair grow so slow? The main one: it breaks. Another cause: you do not feed it properly and, like a plant, it stagnates and stops growing. To this, bad habits of life are usually added, dominated by stress and rush

Let us know what’s yours! Before that take good care of your locks with the tricks we just shared.

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